Territory of the crimes in criminal policy of Islam
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محل نشر: IInternational Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences. Vol., 3 (8), 1574
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سال نشر: 0000/00/00
وضعیت چاپ : چاپ شده
نحوه تهیه : گروهی
زبان : فارسی
The aim of this paper is to investigate the facts that, the scope of crimes in Islam as it may appear is not extensive, on the other hand, supposing its territory being extended, this extension is natural. Because in any society the norms and moral values are extended more and human is considered from different dimensions of human existence, including the personal, social, and physical to the meta-physical, the violation from this huge number of norms will be considered more, and as a result the crime would seem more. Keywords: Territory of crimes, Crime, Punishment, Criminology