The Approach of the Criminal Policy on Eavesdropping and Abusing Internet Data
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محل نشر: Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 11 (1): 57-60, 2012 ISSN 1990-9233
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وضعیت چاپ : چاپ شده
نحوه تهیه : گروهی
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Abstract: At the present, people are exposed to lose data in different stages of their lives. The outcome of this huge data losing process in people's lives is obtaining the extensive information about other individuals. This information have been found and then recorded, registered in different stages of human's lives. For instance the information related to phone dialogues and finding internet data are of this case. Since, the governments are the encouragers and supporters of using internet, therefore the lawmakers have arranged some good policies due to recording the information. Key words: Eavesdropping % Data % Internet