Studying the Changes of Legislative Criminal Policy of Drug on Amendment of the Law of Combating Against Drugs Approved in 2010
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محل نشر: Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 11 (1): 46-52, 2012 ISSN 1990-9233 ©
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Abstract: From ratification of the first law on drugs in 1910 until 2010, different laws have been ratified. These laws, according to political, economical and social situations have similar features. These similar features, in comparison with laws ratified in years later, have been opposite with each other. Therefore, According to this point, we can classify the mentioned legislative procedure in 3 different periods. Apart from the first and the second period, the third period, is related to the laws approved after victory of revolution of Iran. Apart from the law approved in 1978 by the council, the law of these periods in 1986 with combating approach with the subject of "The law of combating against drugs" in 1996 and 2010 has been revised. These revisions have been caused changes in criminal legislative policy of drugs, legal vacuum in relation with the industrial drugs, the revision of the confiscation penalty, the change of attitude of the addicts to drugs, making legal approves on performing and delivering under surveillance., etc are examples of the political development of the legislative criminal policy, where will discussed in this paper. Key words: Amendment % Law of combating against drugs % The legislative criminal po