Money laundering in the Criminal Policy of Islam Adel Sarikhani1 Nur Allah Soltani 2and Seyyed Mohammad Musavi3*
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محل نشر: International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences. Vol., 3 (6), 1251-
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سال نشر: 00/0/0
وضعیت چاپ : چاپ شده
نحوه تهیه : گروهی
زبان : فارسی
From the beginning of human life, to obtain main needs of their everyday lives, they needed a tool to easily achieve their economical demands. Sothe money was created, but unfortunately, these tools as some other tools were abused by people too The Money laundering is defined as the obtaining incomes from illegitimate and illegal ways and use of different methods for its purification, in order to conceal its source and origin It is notable that the governments of the world for fighting and prevention of this crime, always have offered various solutions. And on the other hand, although exact definition in Jurisprudence for the term is not provided but considering the valid Jurisprudence rulings related documents it can be deduced that the committer of this crime in accordance to the Islamic Jurisprudence rulings is punishable. Keywords: Money laundering, Jurisprudential rulings, Criminal negligence